INTENTIONS – Human Resource

independent band from Sydney, 2009-2012.


INTENTIONS 2009-2012

We don’t really update this wordpress very often, do we? Oops.

Intentions, if anyone still is unaware, has finished. Jon and Kathy are leaving the country in a little over a week now, and we’ve all decided that now is a good time to draw a line under Intentions.

We played our last show on Friday at the Pitz, where we’ve rehearsed for the last year or so. Thankyou very much to everyone who shared that night with us.

Two days earlier we set up in Black Wire Records (where we’ve played more shows than I can be bothered counting) with Jivin’ Josh and did some more-or-less live recordings of our last few songs. For all those who were interested on the tour, the newer, slow version of Functionalist Dream is among those committed to hard disk. The songs will be up on our bandcamp as soon as post-production is done – keep an eye out. The mp3s of the 7″ will also be available for download soon.

In other news, whilst on the road I talked to Bombshellzine over here; Jonny Polaroids said nice things about the 7″ here, as did Adam Curley (showing a lot of faith, writing as he was before hearing it!). There will also be a feature/interview up on Polaroids of Androids soon, and I think perhaps a couple more reviews of the 7″ may materialise.

Other musical stuff we’re involved in:

Jon’s bass music juggernaut Mannheim Rocket (http://soundcloud.com/mannheim-rocket)

Jon & Ben Corio’s Extreme Misanthropy Crew (http://3bsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/manifesto-i)

Vidan’s limited-time-only screamo supergroup Zita Grimm (http://zitagrimm.wordpress.com/)

Vidan’s wonderfully elusive guitar & poetry project Blenheim (no internet presence)

Simon’s semi-improvised electronica-pop thing Hence Therefore (http://soundcloud.com/hencetherefore)

If I try to think of everyone that we should thank for helping us during our time as a band I will surely be up all night. But briefly – and there’s no way to go on without lapsing into cliche, here – to everyone we played with, everyone who organised shows for us, gave us places to stay, provided a venue, sang the words, or came to a show: you helped us create and continue a thing that we did for its own sake and little else, something that was powered by the friendship and solidarity of people we met. The great thing is that friendship and solidarity is what we still have – plus a handful of songs. Great things and people happened to our lives because of this band, and we know as well that the music we made means something to people. There’s nothing more that you can ask of something like this.


– Simon

Get your copy of Guilt Party

Tour’s nearly over!

At time of writing, Guilt Party is available for purchase at the following record stores:

BRISBANE – Killthemusic & Rockinghorse in the city, Tym Guitars in the Valley, Jet Black Cat in the West End

ADELAIDE – Clarity Records

MELBOURNE – Thornbury Records

PARRAMATTA – Beatdisc Records

SYDNEY – Red Eye Records

Very soon we’ll be getting copies to more stores in more cities. From tomorrow you’ll be able to purchase Guilt Party from http://tohellwithintentions.bandcamp.com/.


We’re going on tour in March and April in about as comprehensive a fashion as an obscure DIY band can in Australia, playing eleven shows in three weeks between Adelaide and the Sunshine Coast. We’re doing this to launch a 7” record titled Guilt Party.

Thanks to our friends across the continent who helped us set this up. We’ll thank you in person when we get there! Poster is below (thanks Ben) and dates are in text form on the right hand side of the page.

We’ll publish more details on the 7″ as well as individual show/city posters as this gets closer. See you at the shows!

ubiquity vs. persistence

We’ve been near-ubiquitous in Sydney this year – we looked back at the start of September and realised we’d played about twenty shows in eight months… it was starting to wear on us as well. I think we got a bit of perspective on that when Jon was reading Michael Azzerad’s (essential) Our Band Could Be Your Life and Azzerad was describing how Mission of Burma played way too often in Boston – “sometimes as often as twice a month”. Twice a month! Well shit… perhaps we should play less than that? Maybe we would consequently enjoy it more?

So you’ll have noticed not so many Intentions shows happening in Sydney the last two of months, which has been quite a nice (and much-needed) break from playing live – we’re regrouping, writing new songs, chilling out, and finishing off mixing the 7″ we’re putting out (oh yes we are!) &c &c. So we have only two more shows confirmed for the rest of this year, and we’ve resolved to play less often in Sydney next year as well, which I’m sure will come as a relief to most of Sydney’s DIY community.

We’ve just returned from a tour of Adelaide. As always when coming home from a tour, we’re feeling exhausted, but also refreshed, having been reminded:

  • why we love DIY
  • that we’re not entirely crazy to want to drive nearly 3000km in 5 days
  • that we may be crazy to persist at living in Sydney when there are other places that have late-night vegan dessert bars

etc. Seriously, it’s just so great to have an excuse to go to new places, hang out with people, and hear new music that we’d have no chance to otherwise. And we played alright too! Thanks go out to Nick Godfrey for organised the whole darned thing and Johns T and K (and housemates) for hosting us. Hopefully we’ll get some photos and stuff up here of the trip real soon.



pitza the action

G’day. We have been taking it easy for a month or so trying to write some new stuff and rehearse it up to the point where we can lay it down with our friend and comrade Jivin’ Josh “The Red One” Dowton.

But we are coming out of our very brief break to play a couple of shows, which you can view to the right. —->

Video of Sun Distortion show up now!

Intentions @ Sun Distortion Studios (Brisbane) – 19 Feb 2011 from Michael Job on Vimeo.

This is, I think, our whole set from our Saturday night show at Brisbane’s Sun Distortion Studios, 19th February. The footage was shot by Michael Job. Cheers Michael! He plays in the extremely excellent Brisbanian emo band Inside The Whale, who also played that night. You are cheating yourself if you don’t go see them at your soonest opportunity.

Darley Street Darlings

We played a housewarming at Mitzi’s new digs on the weekend. Here are some pictures!

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All pictures taken by Simon Unwin and Leah Drielsma.


Anyone who hasn’t heard Nivij’s EPIXdemic remix of Epidemic should listen to it. NOW.

So good I feel guilty for enjoying it so much. If that makes sense. You too can own this track! Because it’s on the BRZBN TOUR EP of which we still have a few copies going for $5. Alternatively you can pick one up at Black Wire Records or from tenzenmen.

Speaking of Black Wire, someone there, probably Tom, wrote a blog about how shit Sydney’s pub venues are which you should read if you wanna know why we don’t care too much about getting pub shows in Sydney.

If you care enough to notice, I’ve had a bit of a tinker with our website, so that’s why there’s the new RELEASES and MULTIMEDIA pages.

Anyway… after a house show at Mitzi’s this Saturday with Sweet Teeth we’re gonna go on a little break from playing shows in Sydney to write a few more songs and hopefully record them. I think we came back from Brisbane with a lot of inspiration and energy and we want to put that into writing new stuff and organising more tours! See you in a bit.


Brisbane tour photo diary (Si’s camera)

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more from Vidan’s proper good camera later in the week.